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TriLoch Communications is a full service Information Technology and Communications company. While the majority of our time is spent doing Social Media Marketing, Web Development and Business Branding, we also offer other specialized services to every client we support.  Whatever your needs, we are here to help you hone and communicate your message.  Together we will effectively reach the online target markets for your products and services.

TriLoch Communications has the solutions for all your business needs.  No business, organization or group is ever too big or too small for us to assist, promote and grow.  We understand the complex needs of effectively managing everything that you need to do to achieve the goals you have set.

TriLoch Communcations is built on the foundations of the Strength of effective messaging, the Knowledge of understanding your business model and clientele, and the Dependability you will come to and rely on when you use our many offered services.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

Web Development

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Web Content Writing

Information Technology Consulting

Network Administration

Computer Services & Support

Business Development & Consulting

Graphic Design Services

Business Communication & Branding

Sales and Coaching Facilitation

Meet the Team

Jason Clark

Chrissy Summers

“I have been working with Chrissy for 3 years and have found her support to my small business to be invaluable. Chrissy seems to know what I need before I even need it. She handles every matter with complete professionalism and grace. I trust her with every area of my business - and have found her support instrumental to the growth of my business, allowing me to focus on my goals. - Carla MacQuarrie - Executive Vice President Sales Leader (Norwex Canada)”

- Clean With Carla -

“As a small business owner/operator/manager, I have been fortunate to have access to the services of TriLoch Communications (Chrissy and Jason). For several years now we have been relying on them to assist with the implementation of our commercial real estate Project Marketing, Social Media, Website Development, I.T. and other services. They have proven to be very reliable at completing projects on time and within budget. They are also a pleasure to deal with and genuinely look to add value to the process. - Tom Gerard, Commercial Practice Manager, KW Commercial Advisors, Halifax Nova Scotia.”

- KW Commercial Advisors Halifax -

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